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Monday, August 10, 2015

Layout Progress - 10 August 2015

Update for the last few days.

Saturday, I finish installing the track feeders for Honey Grove and got power to the (6) industries tracks. Then I move on to the last track that need installing. That would be the service track for coal, oil, ash and sand at  the yard. did some temp layout planning to see how everything would fit.

Today, I install the service track and added feeders

Then move on to making more track bumpers (need sixteen) per my friend Rich instructions. I would provide a link to his original instructions but the forum does not exist anymore.

First cut up some code 55 rail into 1.125" long pieces

Then file a v-groove at mid point, note: v-groove shown below does not have enough slope. also try not to file into rail head or web as this weaken the bending point.

Then cut up some brass wire (whatever you like to use), I had .02" diameter on hand to 9/16" long.

Then bend them as shown, what you looking for is just a little wider than track gauge so you have a tight fit between rail.

Solder to your track and cut the bumper in the middle to add styrene for insulation between rail to prevent shorts

Not my best work today, I broke a few getting code 55 rail between the track rails.

Below are some previously one's done.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Layout Progress - 05 August 2015

Today, I got back to working on the layout and finish laying one industry track, one team track and one for local switcher loco maintenance area at Honey Grove.

First up industry track for Cook Textiles, I am using the Walthers Geo Roberts Printing building for this industry. 

Next Team/Piggyback trailer loading track

Finally Loco Service area

I need to add power feeder then these tracks are ready for use.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Layout Progress - 15 December 2013

Not a lot of work for the last couple of weeks. Today I finish installing track, turnouts, magnet uncouplers and tortoise for town of Bell.

Next up installing power feeders

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Layout Progress - 01 December 2013

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, we did.

First up, I got some time to work on the layout. Since town of Bell has been on my mind and I did get a ideal of what I wanted the area to look like track wise, so I got started on that this last week.

I had previously installed two turnouts in the siding track awhile back. I added a another turnout just off the eastern most turnout on the siding. This turnout will feed two to four industries on the western side of the town crossing over the track from the existing west siding turnout.

Here are the photos of were I am today


 The two crossing in the last photo are a Peco 25 degree code 80 crossing (in the foreground) and a Atlas 60 degree code 80 crossing. I wish Peco would come out with more crossing choices for their code 55 line.

More to come.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Layout Progress - 23 November 2013

Today was the first time back at work on the layout since February. While lay up recovering from the hand surgeries, I have been trying to decide on the track arrangement at Bell.

Bell is a actual town on the division but was only a station stop. I will be adding industries at this location that did not exist in the prototype for operation purposes as passenger service is not in my operating scheme for this layout.

I just started playing with some track, switches and crossing an came up with a plan/ideal that I like.

No photo right now, more to come....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Progress - 26 July 2012

Got a little time this week to work on the layout, after traveling for work the last two weeks. Installed the service tracks up to the turntable. Added a turnout for the future ash conveyer, coaling tower and sand house service cars. Added feeder and connected to the DCC Bus. Turntable uses a auto-reverser unit for direction changes. Here are some photos.

Also added some ballast to the turntable pit bottom, got some more work to do on the turntable but it working now.

Next up for Bonham yard is a control panel.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Progress - 27 May 2012

Starting on Friday I received my shipment of parts included in that were the magnet I need to build more uncouplers.

Started with building the six uncouplers I need for the yard area.

On Saturday installed the ice house track first

Then the yard classification/storage tracks

Today installed the end of track bumper for the caboose and yard storage tracks. These are make by a technique that my friend Rich C show me. You can find his technique here

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Progress - 13 May 2012

This week I got the yard ladder in and I had a visit by my MRR buddy Rich Saturday evening. The week started with locating and drilling the throw wire and frog wire holes for the turnouts. Determining the length and cutting of the small pieces of track between turnouts.

Then prep the nine turnout switches. I isolate the frogs by cutting gaps in the wing rails and soldering jumpers from the outside rail to the wing rails and add a wire to the frog for power. I also remove the Peco point spring. You can see more detail in earlier post.

Here the finish yard ladder installation started Thursday evening thru Sunday morning. More would have been accomplished but I ran out of magnets for my uncouplers and was only able to install the caboose/MOW track. Once the magnets arrive (my local source stop carrying the ones I was using) I will complete the yard area track. I will be moving on to installing the 15 tortoise switch machines next for all the work complete in the last few weeks.

Rich started the prep (during his visit) on my tortoise machines by soldering on a connector I like using. Thanks Rich. Next will be to create the new throw rod for my thick deck.

Thanks for following.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Progress - 6 May 2012

Today I work on installing the siding at Bells. Here are a few photos

First up couple before photos

Turnout prep

Couple photos of turnout placement

First track between turnouts

Couple of photos of the finished siding

Then moved on Bonham were my yard will be. Couple of before shots

Track mock up

That all for today, thanks for visiting.....More to come