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Friday, August 14, 2015

Layout Progress - 14 August 2015

Not a lot of progress this week, installed 4 track bumpers, leaves about eleven more to go...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Layout Progress - 10 August 2015

Update for the last few days.

Saturday, I finish installing the track feeders for Honey Grove and got power to the (6) industries tracks. Then I move on to the last track that need installing. That would be the service track for coal, oil, ash and sand at  the yard. did some temp layout planning to see how everything would fit.

Today, I install the service track and added feeders

Then move on to making more track bumpers (need sixteen) per my friend Rich instructions. I would provide a link to his original instructions but the forum does not exist anymore.

First cut up some code 55 rail into 1.125" long pieces

Then file a v-groove at mid point, note: v-groove shown below does not have enough slope. also try not to file into rail head or web as this weaken the bending point.

Then cut up some brass wire (whatever you like to use), I had .02" diameter on hand to 9/16" long.

Then bend them as shown, what you looking for is just a little wider than track gauge so you have a tight fit between rail.

Solder to your track and cut the bumper in the middle to add styrene for insulation between rail to prevent shorts

Not my best work today, I broke a few getting code 55 rail between the track rails.

Below are some previously one's done.