Sunday, January 12, 2014

Layout Progress - 07 January 2014

Well not a lot of progress the last few days.

I have been working on Bells control panel wiring and finished it Saturday evening and was to start programming the accessory decoders today. 

I had used some pre-wired LED's from a pass project. I thought, I had tested them correctly, but they were not correct and overheated and melded the styrene panel, so today I spend most of the day redoing the styrene panel, installing new LED and resistors.

As of this evening all is back to where I was Saturday evening and everything is working correct.

More to Come....

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Layout Progress - 04 January 2014

The graphic template for Bells has been done for a couple days , but I did not get around to working on the panel until today.

Holes have been drill and pin-striping tape applied. Installed #6 screws for turnout control (I am short one so a trip to local hardware store tomorrow) and banana plug receptacle for the wand.

Then I move on to starting with the accessory decoders and then some wiring

Another project also has been taking some of my time for last couple of days.
My CNC router been learning software and setup.

Waiting on a new collet with bits and material hold down clamps before I can perform the first cuts

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Layout Progress - 02 January 2014

The new control panel frame is finished. The sealer took longer to dry than plan due to cool/cold and wet weather here in North Texas. I have also mounted it and add the blank styrene front panel.

Next up making the graphic template and laying out the panel for LEDs and switches hole drilling.