Friday, January 18, 2013

Bonham - Roundhouse - Part 10

Today, I received my Shapeways parts. I drew up a vent in Autocad and sent it to Shapeways to have some 3D printed. Here are a few photos

More to come....

Layout Progress - 13 January 2013

Last couple of days have been working on finishing up the wiring for the Honey Grove panel, just need to decide on names for industries and print them out.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Layout Progress - 13 January 2013

Today I started on the Honey Grove control panel, so I thought I try to show some step by step progress on how I make my control panels. Note: there are many way to make control panel this is just how I do it.

First up couple of prep photos from the other day

Existing control panel for old layout with front removed

Install a punch down block for switch machine control cable terminations under layout

Let start with a blank piece of .100 inch white styrene, sized for the control panel.

Drill mounting holes and trial fit to assure proper fit.

Attached art work (created in AutoCAD) to the styrene with a glue stick and transfer the hole centers with a punch.

After the hole centers are transfer, I draw guidelines using the center points for help when I get to the pinstripe tape step.

Drill all the holes for LED and switch machine control.

Add pinstripe tape (3M 1/16" width), Red for mainline, Blue for sidings.

Front panel mounted back, ready to electronics.

Front panel with LED and switch controls mounted.

I got started with some of the wiring today, more to come.....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Layout Progress - 09 January 2013

While I am waiting on the final pieces for the roundhouse. I have been working wiring again since the last post.

First up was completing all wiring at Clarksville for mainline turnouts and sidings, also wired the staging turnout frogs.

Second, I prep for starting wiring and panel build for Honey Grove

Third, I started fixing the gremlins I had in the Bonham Yard panel. Started the demo part tonight, removing the problem circuit boards.

More to come....

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bonham - Roundhouse - Part 9

Lights have been installed in the roundhouse. I am waiting delivery of the firewater barrels and vent stacks before I can finish this project.