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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hobby Bench - DIY DC Power Station - Part 2 (Final)

First an update from part one. I had assembly the enclosure wrong, which also reveal an error in the design, so I had to re-cut all but one piece.

Moving on to final part two.

I had to eliminate some of the excess power wires coming out of  the PC power supply and seal  them off for safety.

Mounted the power supply inside the enclosure.

Test fitted all front panel components

Next are the components and assemble PCB for the adjustable 1.5 (min volt) to 11.5 (max volt) dc output. Terminal blocks are for 12VDC (+/-) input and Adjustable VDC output. The two plug ports are for the 0-100VDC meter and 10k 20 turn Variable Resistor connections. I mounted this board inside next to the air flow intake grill.

 The remaining work is just a lot of wiring, soldering and termination of all panel components and power supply source wiring connections.

Here is the final product

 I followed the previously provide info in part one with three exceptions, the enclosure design to match the power supply I had on hand, adding the VDC meter and using mini-banana plugs.

Next project is to relocated the components of my portable DCC box into a bench top model with test/programming track. Here a photo of my portable setup.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hobby Bench - DIY DC Power Station - Part 1

While the Layout room is in disarray from the flood waters. I thought I would work on one of my hobby bench projects. For a long time I have been wanting a multiple DC power source at the hobby bench for various electrical projects. I have been saving links to info on various DIY PC ATX power supply conversion.

Here are links to some resources

I am following this DIY instructable :

Various projects by others :

Info on PC power supplies :

Today, I laser cut out the housing/box for this project from Birch 3mm plywood and did a partial assembly of the housing.

Had one small problem. One of the issues with cutting plywood is voids and glues. The laser did not cut all the way thru, so in process of trying to complete with a x-acto knife I broke an small area of the air intake vent/grill.

If anyone would like the AutoCAD or DXF file for this housing/box just contact me.

Part two will cover the electrical/electronic installation.