Friday, November 23, 2012

Bonham - Roundhouse - Part 1

After a trip to the LHS today, I start working on the roundhouse for Bonham Yard.

Here is the only photo I could find of the prototype structure. I will have to use my modeling license to determine the rest.

First up was to work on the roundhouse foundation. I start this awhile back to get the roundhouse tracks in, so today I finish the basic foundation. Once I have the structure built and know I do not need to modify the foundation anymore. I will fix it in place and fill in some gaps between the rails and foundation.

Next I work on the roundhouse structure. First up was to finish the cad drawing I started a while back. I like to printout the wall section and use the printouts as templates. Then on to cutting out the first few pieces today.

More to come....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Added two more pages

I have added a couple more pages showing some of my other N scale layouts, a 30" x 32" layout I called the Pretzel and a 12"x48" layout I called the Switching District...Enjoy.

Added a page - Door Layout

I have been having a number of hits/page views of the two photos of my unfinished N Scale Door Layout. I have added a page here to show some of the photos from its interception until I stored it under the current layout.

Maybe the photos will help someone get started....Enjoy.