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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hobby Bench - DCC Programming Station

Completed my DCC programming station for my hobby bench back in mid July, for got to post photos so here they are...

Sorry but I did not get any photos showing the wiring and electronic stuff inside.

The removable area in front was for different scale tracks but it did not work out, but I did provide an jack to use my existing portable program track.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Throttle Pocket Completed

Today I finished the throttle pockets, after some investigation the Luan Ply I was using for the testing phase was not a recommend material for lasers, so I purchase some Baltic Birch Ply which was delivered today. I also left the T&P Logo with a small change at the request of my local N Scale buddies.

Here are the four final pocket :

I also made up some un-coupler picks, using #8 tapestry needle and a 3/16" diameter x 4" long dowel from some internet discussions.

Tomorrow I will apply a sealer to the pockets and mount them once they dry in a few days.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Throttle Pocket Test

Yesterday I started looking into what was available in production throttle pocket that fit my EasyDCC RF1300 Throttles. Not finding anything available or a good DIY throttle pocket. I decided to try an duplicate my version of a "Cab Cubby" throttle pocket, so with a little design time yesterday and today.

Here my result

There need to be some adjustments, but not bad for first try. The T&P logo was just an ideal to see how it looks, it will not be on the final pockets.