Saturday, February 25, 2017

Status of the Layout

For some time I have been unable to work on the layout. Call it a road block or whatever, just not been happy with layout. What I have miss are the smaller layouts I have work on in the past, such as the 12x48 switching layout and couple of 24x48.

So for now (and has been for a while) work will halt on the T&P layout. No decision has been made to dismantle but the thought has cross my mind. I will just use it to test run/break-in engines and cars for now.

I do have some car projects, I want to finish and will post those here when completed.

I am experimenting with a couple of options.

1. T-Trak like modules but in another scale (TT).
2. N scale modular layout, 4-6 modules based on MR Milwaukee Beer Line Project.

More to come on these experiments.