Saturday, February 25, 2017

Status of the Layout

For some time I have been unable to work on the layout. Call it a road block or whatever, just not been happy with layout. What I have miss are the smaller layouts I have work on in the past, such as the 12x48 switching layout and couple of 24x48.

So for now (and has been for a while) work will halt on the T&P layout. No decision has been made to dismantle but the thought has cross my mind. I will just use it to test run/break-in engines and cars for now.

I do have some car projects, I want to finish and will post those here when completed.

I am experimenting with a couple of options.

1. T-Trak like modules but in another scale (TT).
2. N scale modular layout, 4-6 modules based on MR Milwaukee Beer Line Project.

More to come on these experiments.


  1. Getting stale can happen. Let the time pass and the juices will flow again.

  2. Ditto on what Rod said! Take a break for a bit, relax a while....

  3. This is Jtrain from the Freerails forum. Been wondering why the updates stopped. Yep, take a break, come up with some new ideas and get back to the layout, or just enjoy it as is and make track plan changes as you see fit. Hard to get that kind of stuff right the first time. And if you do decide to completely redo the layout, my suggestion is to look at Freemo style layouts, very realistic and spacious, track down the center line seems to make a more balanced scene. Good luck!