Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Project - 140' Thru Plate Girder Bridge - Part 6 Abutments

So the polystyrene abutments did not work out and after two other fail attempts. I final got a pair of bridge abutments I like.

These are laser cut from 1/16" taskboard.

Need to primer them and determine finish for them. Also need to make some bridge shoes.

Friday, December 4, 2015

New Project - 140' Thru Plate Girder Bridge - Part 5 Install

After a month of not working on the layout. Today I got back at it.

I bit the bullet and cut the track to remove the old CV bridge.

Then I remove some of the inclines on both sides to lower the grade up to the bridge. Also while the bridge is out of the way. I cut away and shape the ceiling tile behind the bridge. Something I forgot to do last time.

Here  the bridge temporary in place.

The bridge track is CV bridge ties left over from another project with Atlas code 55 rail.

Start making some simple concrete bridge abutments by gluing some 0.1" white styrene together. Once they dry I can start shaping them.

Applied gray primer to the bottom side of the bridge too.

I have not decided on a final color yet, leaning toward silver/gray.

See Ya...