Saturday, December 31, 2011

Little progress on the layout

It's been a month since my last post not much done as far as the layout goes. Life and moving my hobby workbench into the train room has been the main activity, but today.

I had a visit from my friend Richard for a little one-on-one clinic on ballasting and some scenery advice. I am pretty good at bench-work, track laying and electrical but went it comes to scenery, I suck. Richard has a great N scale layout and has offer some help. Here a couple of photos of my ballasting test today.

After Richard left, I check in with the CEO and got the rest of the day for working on the layout. I am going to starting scenery with the staging area and the end loop into staging.

Little sculptamold along one side of staging

For the end loop I need to build up the area outside the loop, here is a before shot

Added some more ceiling tiles and shaped the area

Got couple more areas to add ceiling tile and shape, then add more sculptamold.

More to come, thanks for following along.