Friday, January 28, 2011

Support Structure for New N Layout

I started thinking about  how I was going to support the Layout. Last Layout I used a L-girder  to support a boxed section at the wall and Legs out at the front.

After some Internet searching, I found two site that had used the double slotted wall shelf systems with great success from what I could see, and since I have used this stuff in my storage room for a couple of years this was the way I wanted to go.

I purchase 30+ 48" length of the double slot vertical risers and start today installing.

So I decided to see this was going to work out before I got to far. Dug out a section of the old layout and set it up

Not to bad. It was a little shakey at first until I added a couple of screws thru the support bracket into the front L-girder that stabilized the section great. I plan a second L-Girder along the back too.

What I am not to sure about at this time is the height of the backdrop. The bracket presently extend about 20.5" above the layout seems a to high to me. The layout is at 52" which I like.

Going to look back at my Old Layout info and see if I noted anywhere the high of the old layout backdrop. Think I will leave this up for awhile to get a better feel, but right now I am thinking of lowering the bracket about 4 inches. The plan was not to have a valance, but maybe so like my last layout, here a couple of photos of  valance with and without fascia

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lumber Dealer for Door Layout

This is my first structure for my door layout, it a AMB Laser Kit. I started this kit back in 2008 before I had to store the layout

 First few days of work

I misplaced the roofing material that came with the kit , so I order some stuff from Paper creek

I like the results of the Paper creek product, will use it again.

Fast forward to 2011, Layout out of storage and back to this structure. This structure sustain some damage while in store. Fixed the damage.

The structure need a loading platform, so I kitbash one from a Heljan Kit. Got this ideal from another modeler