Sunday, August 26, 2012

Progress - 26 August 2012

Due to a family commitment on Saturday, not a lot has been accomplish on the control panel, here what I got done.

Friday evening I found my 3M pinstripe tape and started adding the tape. Sunday I finish up with the striping and added the turntable and roundhouse graphic. Then move on to adding the switches for track power at the roundhouse. Then mounted the panel and added the screws for turnout control, that is all for this weekend.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Progress - 22 August 2012

The last week and half, I have been working when I can on the Bonham control panel mostly wiring and troubleshooting. I did manage to short out one of the 556 Driver boards, if I not making mistake then I am not progressing on the layout. Here are the photos

Last Friday evening I made this little board to work with the 556 driver board, it allows a single momentary push button to alternate the direction of a switch machine. The 556 boards require two inputs to change directions. I will be making more of these as this is how I am controlling mainline and industry turnouts

This is where I am with wiring as of yesterday, everything from the panel out to the switch machines is done, all that left to do is the front panel. Tonight I started the front panel.

Printed out the layout.

Started with a clean piece of styrene and transfer the center of the holes with a center punch.

Drew layout lines, basically connect the dots

Drill all the holes for leds, switches and etc. Then proceeded to look for the 3M pinstriping tape but that was a bust. So that is all for this evening.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Progress - 12 August 2012

This last week I spend time on the control panel for Bonham Yard.

Tuesday the first batch of electronic arrived from Rob Paisley, (7) seven of his 556 Timer Stall-Motor Switch Machine Drivers.

That evening I assembly (4) of the driver boards

Next to arrive was the components for the diode-matrix board on Friday and Saturday and its assembly. I followed plans from Rob site too for the diode-matrix board.

Today was installing and prepping one of the existing control panels from my old  HO layout and the start of installing the new boards. I also cut the new styrene front panel.

Here the latest graphics for the panel layout.

The diode-matrix board controls all but the A/D track turnouts, so I still have to modify the 566 driver boards for those turnouts for the alternating circuit.

I also still got to work out how the roundhouse track power is going to be turned on/off by the toggles switches.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Progress - 05 August 2012

While waiting on electrical component for the Bonham yard control panel. I work some more on the turntable area. Installed the roundhouse tracks and work on items to build up the TT pit wall and to cover the hole edges where I cut out for the TT.

The base for the roundhouse is two pieces a 0.06" and 0.02" thick sytrene. The 0.06" I cut by hand but the .02" I cut with a KNK Zing cutter can only handle up to 0.04" thick styrene.

I also cut out some rings to finish off the top of the TT pit

Here where I am at today