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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Golden Spike - Mainline Track Installation Completed

With the completion of installing the Bridge and associated track each side the Mainline is complete and the Golden Spike as been driven.

Other work today was installing the Boosters along with power wiring, also got net wiring from the command station to the first two booster and the wireless working. With a couple of jumpers I got to run a train for a short distance today.

Also had my first group to visit the layout today so Thanks to Gary, Jan and Richard (who's been here before) for coming and the encouraging words guy's.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Track Feeders

Today I work on the layout for the first time since Early April.

Spend about 1.5 hours prepping and installing 45 pair of track feeders. Feeder are in place just need to solder to track. Next is to get the bus wires installed under the layout, but I still need to determine how I am going to divide the layout into DCC booster sections. I have four booster presently to use.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Track Laying - Weekend 3/27 Udpdate

I have been working on finishing installing the ceiling tile sub-base for the rest of the Layout and some roadbed and track. I need to build a bridge and I am going to have to hand-lay a 45 degree crossing once my material gets here, so here are the latest photos.

I also need to started getting my Easy DCC system installed, so I can start working on track and turnout power/control wiring. I re-used the pull-out draw from the old HO layout and the booster panel.