Thursday, July 26, 2012

Progress - 26 July 2012

Got a little time this week to work on the layout, after traveling for work the last two weeks. Installed the service tracks up to the turntable. Added a turnout for the future ash conveyer, coaling tower and sand house service cars. Added feeder and connected to the DCC Bus. Turntable uses a auto-reverser unit for direction changes. Here are some photos.

Also added some ballast to the turntable pit bottom, got some more work to do on the turntable but it working now.

Next up for Bonham yard is a control panel.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Progress - 07 July 2012

Here a few photos of the completed for now turntable and it first test fit in it place on the layout.

In it's place on the layout

A few close up shots, that it for now. I plan on adding the pit bottom scenery cover for now. Later handrail will be added after I finish the install into the layout.