Sunday, May 27, 2012

Progress - 27 May 2012

Starting on Friday I received my shipment of parts included in that were the magnet I need to build more uncouplers.

Started with building the six uncouplers I need for the yard area.

On Saturday installed the ice house track first

Then the yard classification/storage tracks

Today installed the end of track bumper for the caboose and yard storage tracks. These are make by a technique that my friend Rich C show me. You can find his technique here

Monday, May 21, 2012

Progress - 21 may 2012

Not much progress to show on the track work. Finished installing the last two switch machines and started installing track feeder.

After some debate in my head. I decide to build my turntable for Bonham yard using my friend Rich C technique, so I will not go into all the details. You can read Rich C thread here Build a rotary turntable from scratch

This evening I started with cutting out and sanding the base and bridge

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Progress - 16 May 2013

Last three day I finish prepping the switch machine that my friend Rich C started for me.

Due to my thick deck I have to modify the throw arm of the switch machine. One modification is just using a longer .032 dia. wire. Second one is reinforcing the .032 dia. wire with some 1/16" dia. brass tubing. 

I use a small piece of double sided foam tape for temporary placement and the use a clamp above to prevent the wire from coming back out while I adjust the switch machine from below and finally anchor it with a couple of screws.

A few of the switch machine installed under the yard area.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Progress - 13 May 2012

This week I got the yard ladder in and I had a visit by my MRR buddy Rich Saturday evening. The week started with locating and drilling the throw wire and frog wire holes for the turnouts. Determining the length and cutting of the small pieces of track between turnouts.

Then prep the nine turnout switches. I isolate the frogs by cutting gaps in the wing rails and soldering jumpers from the outside rail to the wing rails and add a wire to the frog for power. I also remove the Peco point spring. You can see more detail in earlier post.

Here the finish yard ladder installation started Thursday evening thru Sunday morning. More would have been accomplished but I ran out of magnets for my uncouplers and was only able to install the caboose/MOW track. Once the magnets arrive (my local source stop carrying the ones I was using) I will complete the yard area track. I will be moving on to installing the 15 tortoise switch machines next for all the work complete in the last few weeks.

Rich started the prep (during his visit) on my tortoise machines by soldering on a connector I like using. Thanks Rich. Next will be to create the new throw rod for my thick deck.

Thanks for following.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Progress - 6 May 2012

Today I work on installing the siding at Bells. Here are a few photos

First up couple before photos

Turnout prep

Couple photos of turnout placement

First track between turnouts

Couple of photos of the finished siding

Then moved on Bonham were my yard will be. Couple of before shots

Track mock up

That all for today, thanks for visiting.....More to come

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Progress - 5 May 2012

Here the progress since my last post.

Clarksville  - finish the stock yard siding.

The Mainline roadbase needed a little work first

Then installed track

Photo of the uncoupling magnet

Just to see how it is going to look photo

This completes Clarskville trackage, so moving on.

Honey Grove - Installed some of the industries access trackage behind the mainline

Started with the crossing connecting the two mainline turnouts

Then track back to two more turnouts

Then connect to the mainline and siding crossing

More to come.....