Saturday, May 30, 2015

Status Update

Wow its been almost three month since I posted anything.

I been mostly not interested in the layout for the last three month. Try a few time to get going again basically working on one of Walther kits "Geo. Roberts Printing" to use as a textile factory. Kit is still not finished.

This week or basically the last two months we have nothing but rain here in North Texas. Here a photo of a local lake taken my a friend of mine.

Early Friday morning the water risen enough to flood my garage and train room. No damage to modeling related stuff or layout. Yesterday was spend trying to vacuum up the water soaked carpet in the train room, but after a long day (starting at 1 am) I decided (at 9 pm) that trying to save the carpet was fruitless, my son and I pulled up the carpet so the wood sub-flooring would not warp. With fans running all night, wood flooring this morning is mostly dried out.

Rain starting again, here are photos of my backyard this morning rains coming down again

Last photo shows the outside corner of my train room.