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Friday, April 1, 2016

Loading platform

I was contacted a week ago by a fellow N Scaler that was looking for a loading platform. He came across my blog and saw my TOFC loading platform and ask if I would sell him one. I agree and send him one Monday.

He modified it into just a loading platform.

Cool to see your work on others layouts.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

New Project - TOFC/Team Track Loading Ramp

Not sure I have given this post the correct name, but I wanted to have a TOFC unload/load ramp and a loading ramp for a team track on the layout. For the last couple months I have been researching these type of ramps and decided on a combination TOFC/Team track loading ramp.

After three attempts at a design and test cutting on the laser and test assembly, below is the results of yesterday and today assembly.

Sorry about the light reflection from the plate glass I was assembling on.

Below, I have placed it were it will be located once finished

Next is to paint this portion and then laser cut the platform/ramp decks.