Sunday, October 28, 2012

Latest addition to Fleet

Added a three new flat cars with loads

Progress - 28 October 2012

Yesterday I started the Ice house that will be part of the Bonham Yard. It is a M-T laser kit.
Started with painting the various pieces

Then assembly the first of two platforms

Then braced back of the ice house walls

more to come..... 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Progress - 20 October 2012

Well it has been way over a month since my last post here. Couple of things been work on first a Walther cinder ash conveyor kit for the service area.

I have also been try to build some signals or at least develop a technique to build some, here are a couple of test photos

I was having trouble with building consistent targets, so I got inspired by another modeler that is using 3D printing so here are by results for the targets

I have a number of request for the LED I used/shown above, so here the link

More to come....